Healthy Lifestyle … pshaw … Why Should I Care?

Before I begin telling you my “story” and revealing all of my deep, dark secrets, let’s start with you.  What do you think I’m going to say?  What do you think the secret is to losing over 90 pounds and keeping it off?

Go on, don’t be shy.  Shout out your answers.

If you’re on this website, then you’re interested in a healthy lifestyle: what it means, how to achieve it, and how to live it.  You might be toying with the idea of making positive changes.  You might have tried before, and it hasn’t gone the way you wanted.  You might be in the middle of the process, having started strong and dedicated, and now you need some help to stay focused.  Or you might have achieved a healthy goal or two, and now you’re looking at how not just to maintain your success, but to build on it.

Everyone has a different reason for being here, but we’ve all got something in common: this journey.  So I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about why it’s important to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  We know it’s important to eat well, move around, manage our stress, and achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  Overweight and obesity have become an epidemic in this country, and we are rapidly becoming a very ill nation.

So why should we care?  Everybody’s fat, lazy, and stressed out, so what’s the big deal?  Hell, the pants that were labeled a size 10 when my mom was my age wouldn’t even fit around my neck when my body fat was under 10 percent.  True story.  So, since the society we live in is not only accepting of overweight and unhealthy, it seems to drive us toward it … who cares?  There are dozens of pills, shots, and surgeries that can fix whatever is wrong with us.  Who cares?

We’re living longer.  But are we living better?  We’re at the mercy of these pills and injections, we can’t walk to the mailbox without pain, we can’t sleep through the night.  Not only do we not make good food choices, we don’t know where to start to try to make good choices.  And on some days, the most activity we get is our thumbs on our Smart Phones (or video game controllers, or remote controls).  We’re tired, we feel out of control, and we know we need to “do better.”  But how?  And what does it even mean to “do better?”

I focus most of my efforts on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, because that’s what I know.  Everyone will be happier and healthier when they live at their ideal weight.  Some folks may need to gain, some folks may need to maintain.  Most folks need to lose.

You have more control than you think.  Know this: when you’re at a healthy weight, you experience reduced risk of chronic disease; less stress and strain on your bones and joints; stronger organs, especially your heart and lungs; and better mobility.  You have more energy.  You’re more comfortable in airplane seats, and you’re more comfortable in your own skin, which has positive effects that reach far beyond the obvious.  Sleep better, feel better, be proud of yourself.  Live a long, strong, excellent, impactful life.

Let’s get down to business.  Just know that you’re here for a reason – and if you take the time to articulate what that reason is, then you’ll be glad of it.

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