11.15.10: The Real SquareOne

Today is the real Square One.

Back from visiting Mister.  It’s a rainy Monday afternoon.  Weighed in at 30 pounds more than Conception Weight, 20 pounds less than Peak Pregnant Weight, this morning.  Bear in mind that Conception Weight was a good 25 pounds on the uh-oh side of Ideal, Healthy Weight.  But … one step at a time.  Baby is 5 ½ months old.  Time to line up the pieces on Square One of the next stage of the game.

Step One?  Self-improvement, self-image, and self-maintenance.  Bought expensive skincare with BFF: will use it.  Will wear at least some makeup.  Found whitening strips for teeth.  Will use them.  Got pedicure before trip: will maintain it.  Broke nail two days ago: will trim it.

Downloaded Diet Power and started it.  The strategy was successful for me before – the accountability, the minutiae of keeping up with every calorie and every angle on nutrition.  Not sure it will resonate so much now, with so much going on.  It would be so easy to say, “This time is a time of transition.  Calm down and get through it before you start ‘dieting.’  Don’t be mean to yourself.  Focus on what’s important.”  However, it’s smarter to say, “This time is a time of transition.  Use it wisely to get control over some things.  To feel better about yourself.  To look better.  And to assemble the person you are now and are going to be – from elements of the past, with new influences and priorities.  Focus on what’s important.”

Fancy way of saying, get your fat ass in gear, quit having a cocktail every night, go for walks with your dog, take a moment to care about your appearance, write, and pull yourself together.  For Heaven’s sake.

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