12.10.10: Progress So Far and Baby Safety

Baby Girl is down for a nap – it’s 10:15 in the morning.  As she was dozing off on my chest (I’m spoiling both of us), she laughed in her sleep.  I swear.  When stuff like that happens, it’s hard not to think that everything’s going to be OK.

Operation Lose the Baby Weight (such a facile title, that’s not what it’s about at all – at least, that’s only a fragment of what it’s about and not at all an accurate, complete representation) seems to be going well.  As of this morning, 7.5 pounds gone from the Tuesday after we got back from visiting Mister.  I did have a headache yesterday, and was in a bad mood – and I have a headache today, too.  Maybe from a caloric reduction, maybe from a small cold, maybe from stress.  I’m not slashing the calories to such an alarming degree: yesterday about 1500, which is reasonable.  I’m averaging about 1800 a day, which is good.  Especially since the weight is coming off.

The walking is going well.  The cold weather makes it a challenge, but I’ve got gear for the stroller to keep her snug, and she falls asleep during the walks anyway.  I can’t imagine how, since it can be so bumpy.  And of course I read in some magazine or on some website that bumpy rides in strollers are bad for their necks and various vertebrae.  Of course.

It’s always something.  Last night on Diane Sawyer, they did a whole story on how carrying your infant in your lap during an airplane flight is pretty much equivalent, from a safety standpoint, to duct-taping her to the roof of your car on cross-country car trips.  They showed horrifying NTSB footage of what happens to a little one in a lap when there’s severe turbulence.  Jesus, now I’m a bad mom because I need to save a few bucks and not buy her a seat of her own for a 52-minute flight to BWI.  Honestly, is fear the best way to teach people things?  Maybe it’s the most graphic way to make an impression.  I don’t really know.  But my tummy hurts.

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