12.28.10: The To-Do List That Didn’t Get Did

Baby sleeping.  Mister at work.  My to-do list:

Laundry (3 loads)

Figure out Mail Merge to get Christmas Card list (yes, I know what day it is) to print on labels, otherwise this to-do list will include “hand-address 42,000 late holiday cards”

Pack for trip to Mister’s family homestead

Research a couple of houses for us to drive by on our way out tomorrow, driving to Mister’s family homestead

Edit and update “Holiday Letter” to accompany Christmas Cards (yes, I know what day it is)

Eat something

Go to the bathroom

Wash dishes

Shop for cases of cheap and highly drinkable wine to take back to friends in Mister’s hometown, Smokey-and-the-Bandit style

Shop for frames for adorable pictures of Baby Girl, gifts for family and friends in Mister’s hometown

Buy stamps for Christmas cards (yes, I know …)

Shower?  Oh, never mind

Update blog

And … the baby’s now awake.  So … there you have that.

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