Guess What? Even When You Get There, It’s Not Over

I’m not just talking to folks who want to lose weight.  I’m talking to people who started on a weight-loss program and gave up, who lost weight and gained it back, who lost weight and kept it off, who are in the process of losing weight, or who know someone struggling with weight issues.  That covers a pretty wide range.  My goal is to share my real, ongoing story as honestly as I can, and to provide some real and honest tools that anyone can use.  I hope that by now you’ve noted that I don’t sugar-coat (or Splenda-coat) things.

The cold, hard truth is that it ain’t easy, and it don’t get any easier.  Well, let me rephrase that.  Terrible grammar … The weight-loss journey is not easy, and when one “arrives” at one’s goal or “destination,” the not-easy journey is not over.  Life change doesn’t work that way.  You always must march on.

Every single day, I make decisions that I may not necessarily want to make!  If I’m eating lunch out, then I choose sushi, not barbecue.  And then at the sushi counter, I choose the summer rolls, not the cream cheese rolls.  I choose to go for an afternoon walk.  I choose seltzer instead of a more popular adult beverage, and I choose to avoid Mexican restaurants altogether, because disaster and temptation lurk there!

And sadly, I choose to avoid some people and situations, because disaster and temptation lurk there, too.  I’m rather adept at sabotaging myself, thank you very much, and I work very hard not to; therefore, I stay away from people that may sabotage my efforts (consciously or not).  I stay away from situations that I know will tempt me so much that I either give in and regret it, or just feel irritated and probably make everyone around me feel similarly cranky and uncomfortable.

On many days, it takes real effort to do the right thing.  I say “many days,” because on some days, it’s effortless to do the right thing!  On those days, I can celebrate how far I’ve come and how much I’ve been able to change and improve myself.  You hear a lot of talk about “lifestyle change.”  It’s a buzzword, but it’s true.  Your life will change.  And it’s worth every good decision, whether it was easy or difficult.  I promise.  No sugar- or Splenda-coating.

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