01.03.11: New Year’s Resolutions

I wonder how many people decided that today, the first Monday of the new year, was their Square One?  I wonder how many of those people will stick to their goals, and how many will abandon them?

My husband asked me if I had any New Year’s Resolutions, and I replied that I really don’t.  There’s plenty that I want to accomplish, and many goals that I have set – and am chronicling here.  But I’m not going to call them “New Year’s Resolutions.”  First, I started them a while ago.  Technically, they predate the New Year.  Second, New Year’s Resolutions tend not to turn into real lifestyle changes.  For every person who smokes his last cigarette on New Year’s Eve, there are 50 people who are back to their bad habits before Valentine’s Day.

Okay, now, if you’ve made healthy resolutions, then I certainly don’t want to sound like you’re doomed.  However, make sure you’ll succeed by setting specific goals and making specific plans.  Think back to other New Year’s Resolutions that you’ve made that haven’t stuck.  If you still want to make those changes, then DO IT.

Since I acted like such a fool over the past week and a half, today is my Square One … again.  It’s something of a relief, honestly.  With structure, I feel free – more free than I feel when I’m eating and drinking everything in sight.  By deciding to turn my back on the wild indulgence, I am focusing on me.

It’s not that I’ll never have fun again.  It’s just that I won’t have quite so much fun, for quite so many days.  And it’s also important not to define “fun” as overindulgence.  For Heaven’s sake.  It doesn’t make much sense to tie good times to food and booze.  But many of us do, so we have to get over that.  And if it were easy, everyone would do it.  Right?

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