01.08.11: What, Pray Tell, Are You Waiting For?

The first of the year is fantastic.  Everybody has that “Square One” feeling!  Interest surges in healthy living as people make those resolutions for the umpteenth time.  For the record, I didn’t lose my weight (the first time) as part of a New Year’s Resolution.  I frankly don’t have much faith in the likelihood of success of programs that start on a Monday morning, or on the first of the month.  By definition, and I’m a hard liner on this, if you’re saying “I’ll start tomorrow,” or “I’ll start after [insert event here, i.e. my birthday, your birthday, the company picnic (do people even have those anymore?), Cinco de Mayo, and so on and so forth],” then you’re not that into it.  You’re not that committed.  If you can wait, then your heart is elsewhere.  When you’re ready, man, you’re ready NOW.  You don’t want to live an unhealthy life for one more minute, never mind one more weekend, or even one more party.

Plenty of people make New Year’s Resolutions that last, of course.  But to succeed, you must commit, and you must commit now with your whole being.  It doesn’t happen on a whim.

If you’re waiting, then ask yourself why.  Why wait to live?  If you “blew” it today, then ask yourself why you’ve decided that the week is shot, so you’ll start over on Monday.  How about getting back on the horse now?  Square One is now, friends.  Not the Monday after the Superbowl party.  Every good choice you make adds up, and the more good choices you make in a row, the easier they are to make – and the more progress you see.

So start now.  What are you waiting for?  If you thought, “it’s too late to make a resolution,” think again.  We’re not talking about resolutions: we’re talking about Life!

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2 Responses to 01.08.11: What, Pray Tell, Are You Waiting For?

  1. Darrell says:

    Totally agree. I can’t remember the last time I made a New Year Resolution because waiting to change something I don’t like is just plain silly.

    • Right there with you, friend. Sure, it’s hard to make healthy changes when you’re surrounded by temptations, like during the holidays. But Jeez, the holidays come around every year, like birthdays and weekends. Might as well figure out how to live your new life in the real world, eh?

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