02.03.12: My Number-One Secret for Rock-Hard Abs!

Ha!  Made you look.


I do have a secret for rock-hard abs, actually.  I’ll tell you what the secret is, but first, I’ll tell you what it isn’t.

The secret to rock-hard abs is not a piece of exercise equipment that looks like an Iron Maiden, that is supported by enthusiastic model/actor endorsers on infomercials, that can be purchased with three low-low easy-easy monthly payments, or that comes with a bonus DVD if you call in the next fifteen minutes.  Nor is it a magical foodstuff found deep in the Amazonian jungle, hidden from Western eyes and ears for millennia, only recently unearthed and harvested so that we Westerners can reap its near-supernatural benefits and be spared any hard work at all.  Nor is it a particular “move” that will single-handedly get you that six-pack you’ve always wanted.  And for the love of Pete Mike, it’s definitely not a pill.


The danger in zeroing in on one part of the body, or one health goal, is that you’ll neglect the big picture.  Sure, I do core work.  A lot of it.  “Core work” is more than “abs.”  It’s the back and the booty, stretching and strengthening to improve overall functionality and stamina.  Your core is your body’s main source of power and support.  If you do a bunch of crunches and then pat yourself on the back for a job well done, then that back you just patted is feeling rather left out.  I used to preach, you don’t work only the right side of your body and ignore the left.  So don’t work the front and ignore the back.  When aches and pains set in, where do you feel them?  You feel them in your back or your hips, right?  Right.  So take care of the entire system that is your body.  In the same vein, if you only care about losing weight, then you’ll miss out on building your strength; if you only care about how much you can bench, then you’re missing out on improving your flexibility and balance.  If you eat a bunch of “light” and “reduced calorie” foods to save calories, you’re filling yourself with chemicals and missing out on the nutrients in real food.  Think of the big picture, y’all.

So what’s the secret to rock-hard abs?  Other than all those crunches?  It’s twofold: cardiovascular exercise and what you put in your mouth.  When you reduce your overall body fat through exercise and smart eating, then those rock-hard abs won’t be hidden under padding.  If you wrap a two-by-four in a pillow, you don’t really know there’s a two-by-four under there, do you?  No, you’d never know, because it’s being smothered.  So get rid of the pillow.  And do your core work.

There you have it.  My #1 secret for rock-hard abs.  Eat right, move around, burn calories.  Less a “secret” and more “common sense that nobody really wants to hear,” but … if I were in the business of telling people what they wanted to hear, I’d be a politician.  Bah-ding!

Love you mean it.  Today is square one, friends.  Think BIG PICTURE!

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2 Responses to 02.03.12: My Number-One Secret for Rock-Hard Abs!

  1. jonesingafter40 says:

    Hi there! Thanks for visiting me! I like what you have to say here and think it might be pretty good for me to follow. I could definitely use a few lifestyle changes and inspiration!

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